Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fish Face Poke Bar

1104 R Street, Ste 100
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 706-0605

Best. Idea. Ever.

Seriously, why didn't this ever happen before? Walk up, custom order your poke and 5-10 minutes later you have some high quality fish with everything you want on it.

Fish Face is part of the downstairs market in the WAL building (Warehouse Artist Lofts) along with Metro Juice & Kitchen, Old Gold and more. There is some inside seating and some outside porch seating. Not much but enough to inhale your gorgeous fish and hit the road.

Overall, this is the best thing that has happened to Sacramento since, god, I have no idea. It's just the best!

Tipsy fish combo - tuna, salmon, masago, ogo & togarashi.
Gorgeous art.
Tuna, octopus, ogo, masago & togarashi
Look at this gorgeous group of drunks!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

KRU Restaurant

2516 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 551-1559

Man, we haven't been here for a while. It's on the pricey side but it might be the best thing you ever put in your mouth. We used the excuse of a long-lost Spanish friend visiting for choosing Kru but then she couldn't make it and well, we went there anyway.

Eat whatever they tell you to eat. Best piece of $7 farmed, fatty tuna I have ever eaten. The salmon was freakishly good as well. Pretty much the food will rock your world so suck it up and pay them. Shut up and take my money!!

Luscious pork belly ramen
Grilled lemon with togarashi for the ika geso.

Gorgeous, sexy fish.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bastille Day

Undisclosed Orange House in Roseville

Sometimes we do things on NOT a Thursday. These drinky francophiles just had to get together for Bastille Day. Thanks to The Jenny & Naked Bob for hosting all our frenchy fancies.

Deconstructed Nicoise Salad
King of the Mountain TDF champ with his award girl
Les messieurs
Les dames
ALLthe stripes

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Broadway & 3rd Avenue
Oak Park

This blogger fails. This one right here. No pictures? REALLY? What has the world come to.

In my defense, GATHER Oak Park is so much damn fun with all your favorite Sacramento people that it's hard to remember to do the social media when you're just having a damn fine time. Sacto Storytellers killed it on stage, all the local beer you could want and the food trucks have been moved around the corner for a bit more space. Overall, it was even better than last year. We got our groove on, our drink on and noshed on some delicious food. What could be better!

High fives to the Unseen Heroes crew for bringing another great event to Sacramento. The next one is on August 13th and don't forget to hit up DISPLAY: California across the street for some great handcrafted gifts.

Next time, more photos. Promise

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Magpie Cafe - the Newpie!

1601 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 452-7594

We have had a long love affair with Magpie Cafe. One of our founding members worked in a restaurant with co-owner Ed when they were both just young whippersnappers. When Magpie opened on R Street, we had to check it out and have been devoted fans every since. It's one of the few places we go more than once a year and it's a favorite spot for birthday Thursdays where we pack in 20 people at a odd shaped table configurations and have a blast.

So, when Ed & Janel asked if we would like test out the "Newpie" before they open to the public we yelled, YES PLEASE!

The place was filled with over 40 folks wearing the Magpie uniform of black and yellow outfit complete with magpie mask and ready to break in the new space. Modesto Bitters (sweet vermouth & soda) and Honey Shades (lemonade & pilsner) in hand, we embarked on an evening of Magpie goodness.

Let's start with the space. They are on the corner of 16th & P as the anchor of the 16 Powerhouse project with neighbors such as Orchid Thai and Insight Coffee. On the P Street side, they have a non-smoking/dog-friendly patio with tables, benches and a gorgeous one-ton slab of tree that serves as a place to sit, set your drink or place your cheese plate while mixing and mingling or waiting for a table inside. The wood fencing was reclaimed from the trees that were removed for the construction.

With more space and higher ceilings, the inside is a sexy black with huge windows that open to the street. During the daytime it is bright and light and at night it gets moody and full of ambiance. There is a beautiful zinc bar with many more seats than the R Street location and a full bar with RC Cola on tap. That is just rad!

They open on Monday, July 6th and you'll see some of the old favorites plus a couple of new items as they get acquainted with the new place and see what they can do with a couple of fryers, a new salamander and a bit more space. We look forward to see what new favorites they come up with.

And don't worry, Yellowbill with still be keeping you flush in baked goods and espresso while the R Street location will hatch into a new concept called Nido in the next month or so.

Congratulations Ed, Janel & all the Magpies!

We try to be gracious guests. Black & yellow.
We're crafty
The welcome!
Such a great cheese board
White bean puree with mushrooms is back! I could roll around in this.

Most of the privileged guests

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monk's Cellar Roseville

240 Vernon St
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 786-6665

This blogger missed the first time we came here so I'm glad we are back! This is a great addition to the Vernon Street area in Roseville with craft beers and a simple menu of delicious food. I had the brown ale, salad and small cottage pie which was so yummy! From fish and chips to sausage plates and sandwiches everyone enjoyed their food. The duck fat fries are not to be missed.

The set up is great with bar space, tall bar tables, a couch area, normal dining room space and an large table in a little sequestered area that we filled in with our 11 drunks. Over all, check it out and join your neighbors here.
Sausage plate with  hasty bite missing.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Studio Movie Grill - SPY

5140 Commons Dr
Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 238-9000

Most of us have loved the concept of movies with drinks and food from places in other cities and Sacramento has been lacking that. Studio Movie Grill might be a little bit too fancy for me, but I'm still going to love some snacks and a drink with a movie.

The set it pretty spacious with large comfy seats, your own personal table and enough space for waiters to walk through. The food is pretty good and there is a large array of drinks. Of course it's a little overpriced, but it's the convince you are paying for. The 2 for $25 special is petty good with a appetizer to share and two entrees.

We saw SPY with Melissa McCarthy and it was hilarious! I would highly suggest it for a funny entertaining movie with your adult friends.

Journal and my own personal table
Our row.