Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sausage Party, the Movie

Folsom Century 14
261 Iron Point Road
Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 353-5247

I'll admit, this movie was not on my radar at all, but when a drunk suggests something, it's usually a good idea. So off to the good old fashion movie theater for a Thursday. We knew a couple of things: It was a Seth Rogan movie with a lot of his go-to partners in crime like Paul Rudd, James Franco, Michael Cera and it was about food finding out they are being eaten.

What we didn't know is that this is a fully offensive, hilarious, almost x-rated animated movie that basically picks on every taboo topic around. It's silly, terrible and fabulous. Don't see it if you are easily offended. Do see it if you want to be entertained in the filthiest way.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


2005 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 382-9722

Man, this fried chicken is amazing. And yes, they do sell it in a bucket in case you need more. We knew that, and that is why we came here. It's always challenging to find a space here but once you do, dig into some fabulous chicken. The kale is just perfect, not too salty and not overcooked.

The surprising thing was that they had a Nashville hot chicken sandwich that was off the charts. Places tend to make Nashville hot chicken a little sweet to offset the hot, which isn't how it should be. So South nailed it with a creamy sauce and pickles. I hope they keep that on the menu!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


1805 Cirby Way #12
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 771-4165

A lot of our foodie friends have been trekking out to Roseville to eat tacos at Nixtaco so we had to try it. Their taco sampler (of adorable mini tacos), is a great way to sample it all. The veggie was was surprisingly good, the barbacoa was delicious and the carnitas and other pork ones were good but I couldn't figure out which was which, sorry! They have a nice selection of local beers and their black beans were great! Along with server yourself blue corn chips and this place is a great addition. Counter service also helps us with drops in, and large parties.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hot Italian Birthdays

1627 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-3000

Well damn. We went out of town for our anniversary and of course, the drunks doubled up their birthday game and celebrated two drunks with a huge group of peeps. I'm sure they had a evening full of pizza, beer, wine and laughs. I'm sad I missed it.

PS: I did get a text asking if their house red was good. I'm glad they did because the last time it was very sweet. I guided her to house prosecco. I love getting booze tip texts!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bastille Day 2016

Undisclosed Natomas Location

We are lucky drunks. Most of us have spent time in France over the years so we have a special place in our hearts for Bastille Day. Each year, we celebrate in some fashion and this year was marred by the attack in Nice at a place a lot of us have been. It's hard to handle a tragedy on any day, but on a celebration day, it's even harder.

Alas, we still did what we do best. Spend quality time with friends with quality food and drinks.

We were awash in french wine, and foods like garlic haricot verts, street sandwiches of ham and Camembert, cold herbed beef, tomato and carrot salad, grilled veggies, cheesy gougeres, white bean and tuna salad, fondue and grilled peaches. It's as a lovely night.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mandarin Kitchen

167 Sacramento Street
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 745-4098

This little place is in the old section of Auburn and it doesn't look like much but damn, is it good! They make their own dumplings (not pictured because we demolished them), and their own noodles. Everything from their Thai curry to their meat dumpling was just delicious. I've dreamed about these dumplings...must go back soon....

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Taco Night at the Orange House

Undisclosed Roseville Location

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

Who doesn't love tacos? And last year while visiting a cousin drunk in Spain we had her Puerto Rican tacos that were so good and different! So, The Jenny hounded her for the recipe and made it for all of us. And damn, they are good! Things you wouldn't expect is the huge amount of capers and green olives.

There were also other tacos, but we don't need to talk about them.

And yes, Nairb brought his own food. Such a snob. (Or really nice guy because we didn't RSVP and didn't want to eat other peoples tacos.)